Diesel Truck and Equipment Mechanic

Company Name:
Service Technician- Diesel Truck and Equipment
Description: The Service Technicians are responsible for troubleshooting, repairing, and performing scheduled maintenance on equipment based on customer needs and requirements. This position is best for individuals that are dedicated to customer satisfaction, professional, timely, and protect the brand name and company image.
1. Locate equipment failure swiftly upon interacting with the customer and communicating well with everyone involved to insure the problem is understood completely
2. Uses their expertise to analyze, troubleshoot and diagnose the equipment and understand what modifications and repairs need to be made
3. Recommend the correct service and repairs to the customer and show where the failure is
4. Accurately document all work on the work order
5. Keep a record of all comments, compliments, complaints, and suggestions and turn them into management so appropriate action is taken
6. Maintain work space (field service truck or shop environment) in a clean and orderly, hazard-free, manner
7. Observes all safety procedures both from company and customers safety procedures
1. Effectively communicates with customers, co-workers and management
2. Strong mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and/or other skills needed for optimal performance repairing equipment
3. Ability to understand the necessary service and training manuals and revert to them as needed
4. Knowledgeable about the industry and current to make sound recommendations to customers
5. Can safely operate power tools such as: lifts, hoists, hydraulic jacks, etc and ability to perform strenuous and heavy work, can exert force up to 100 pounds on occasion and frequently handle loads to 50 pounds
6. Must have the physical stamina to perform continuously with full body motion for climbing, reaching, pushing, lifting and reaching, etc
7. Experience with Diagnostic and Specialty Tools

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